Want to know how to partner with Footprint App, Inc.? Let’s show you the many ways you can get involved!

General Marketplace: Do you sell sustainable goods or services? Let’s showcase your product on our marketplace! We can get your product in front of an audience of interested consumers - for a small transaction fee or negotiable profit share, of course!

Carbon Market: Do you sell carbon credits or offer ways for people to reduce their carbon footprint? You might be perfect for our carbon market! The same rules for our general marketplace apply here, too - but you will soon get the added benefit of being showcased immediately after individuals initially calculate their carbon footprint. Let’s help people achieve net-zero emissions and beyond!

Newsfeed: Do you have a special story related to climate change that you wish to share? Would you like to showcase your organization’s actions, or maybe share an event relevant to our user base? Submit it in our story submission portal and tell us why you want to partner. Most submissions, if approved, will require a processing fee; however, we reserve the right to select a few free stories that match the interests of our users!

Other Advertisements: Footprint avoids overloading our program with ads to reduce the burden on our users; however, a few relevant ads may actually improve our user experience! If you have something relevant to a global network of individuals seeking to reduce the rate of climate change, our platform is a perfect place to advertise. Reach out to us to discuss options and rates that best meet your needs and the needs of our users.

Investment and advising: Are you an investor, public figure, or industry leader that wants to contribute to our journey? As we grow, we will constantly encounter opportunities for you to get involved. If you think you have a strategic network that can help us achieve our mutual sustainability goals, reach out to our team today. We are always open to having a conversation on ways to work together.

Are you interested in any of the above ways to partner? Or do you have any suggestions that are not included in our offering? Fill out our partnership form or contact us today!

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If you need to reach out to Footprint App, Inc., contact us at [email protected]!