What Mark Will You Make?

Climate change is one of the biggest threats facing today, and we are the generation that can act to make a difference.

Do you want to reduce your impact on the planet?
Footprint is here to help.

  • We help you track your actions and develop more sustainable habits.
  • Compete with your friends and colleagues as you lower your carbon footprint together.
  • With a marketplace full of sustainable goods and services, we help you reduce and offset your impact.

Footprint for Companies

The Footprint app can be used by companies for free until January 1st, 2020. Sign up now to use our early product with your company! Once we reach the new year, our app will require low-cost corporate subscriptions to ensure a quality product and user experience for your employees.

Footprint for Schools and Non-profit Organizations

Are you a teacher, principal, or an inspirational leader in the educational field? Or do you work for a non-profit organization? Footprint offers its basic services to you absolutely free! If you want some of the bells and whistles, small charges may apply – but you get the best deal on the market!

Footprint for Individuals

If you want to calculate your carbon footprint and compete with the general population to reduce your impact, you can enjoy the basic Footprint app on the Apple store and Play store for free! Be on the lookout for new features – and even new deals – after the New Year! And if you are ready to use it now, you can even log in right now on the web!

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